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RuMeID uses QR Codes to tag your belongings (and beloved pets) without displaying your personal details such as phone numbers and addresses for the world to see. Here's how:

    • Register your RuMeID Tag by scanning the tag’s QR code with your smartphone or by logging onto its unique URL. Registration takes only a few seconds and information can be easily updated.
    • Attach the Tag to your luggage, keys or pets… anything you don’t want to lose!
    • When the item is found, the finder either scans the QR code or enters the URL onto the Internet and our anonymous, third-party platform allows the finder to contact you without disclosure of your personal information.

Then if you're unfortunate enough to misplace your things, the person who finds them only needs to scan the QR code on the RuMeID tags (or go to the URL listed), and you'll be notified of your stuff being found. All you then need to do is to contact the finder and arrange for its return. Maybe a little reward is in order too, for the good samaritan.


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