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Quut was born in the kitchen of PARS PRO TOTO, a well-regarded Belgian design agency with more than 20 years of experience in designing and engineering innovative products and attractive brands.

This fabulous collection of beach/bath/snow toys are made from high quality material - not the kind of plastics that break after a few uses in the sun. Clever design also encourages imaginative play.

The three-piece Alto is a marvel in itself, and once you see what it does, you'd want to head to the nearest beach or playground sand pit to build an epic castle. While you're at it, why not have Scoppi, Cuppi, Ringo and Ballo at hand to help with the construction of the moat and entrances?

Bath time is never boring with shape-making Starfish and SunnyLove, and the click-and-store neatness of Lili and Sloopi.

Minejima & Co. is proud to be the exclusive distributors of the entire range of Quut toys in Singapore.

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