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It takes an effort to stay organised when traveling. Other RuMe products you'll want to keep with you on the go: the RuMe backpack, which also unfolds from a compact package to hold all your items when you've bought one too many items. 

If you travel often, consolidate your personal items in one place with the RuMe Baggie All.  Keep track of toiletries, travel meds and random knickknacks in one of the many multifunction compartments, designed to keep travel fuss free.

For more peace of mind, RuMeID key tags and luggage tags come with QR Codes which can be registered with the free RuMeID service. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself missing your tagged belongings, anyone who finds your RuMeID tag can contact you simply by scanning the QR code to notify you, all without you revealing any personal details

RuMe products are exclusively distributed by Minejima & Co.