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We Think RuMeID Pet Tags Are A Great Idea Too

Posted by Naomi Minejima on

QR Codes have been around for awhile now, but RuMeID's QR Coded Pet Tags allow you to register your pet's details like where to locate its human if your pet wanders off and for some reason forgets its way home.

All your pet's finder has to then do is use his or her smart phone (and who doesn't have one these days) to scan the QR code on the tag and be brought to a unique URL which lists your contact details and if your pet has any medical condition, such as a food allergy.

 Each colourful tag is made and laminated from recycled aluminium in the USA, and is "virtually indestructible", as one of our friends described it.

Our lovely hosts this Christmas at Loewen Road also think they're a great idea:


This would have to be one of our favourite products. A QR code dog tag! This is so clever as anyone who finds a lost dog...

Posted by The Christmas Market at Loewen by Dempsey Hill on Sunday, 6 December 2015


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