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Everyday doesn't have to be dull. RuMe's Everyday Totes are antithesis of the drab types you get off supermarkets and companies hoping to get you to carry their branding with every grocery run. (Fact: We've been using the SAME RuME bags for more than six years, that's whole a lot of grocery runs.)

Each RuMe Tote can carry up to 23kg and is designed to sit comfortably on shoulders, and unlike many other reusable grocery totes, each tote comes with a flat bottom and side gussets that give it structure once filled.

Another bonus? Each tote folds and stows away with a patented velcro fastener. Ever try folding one of those supermarket “reusable” totes?

Before you leave for the supermarket, hook your keys up to smart RuMeID key tags which come with QR codes that can be registered with the free RuMeID service. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself missing your RuMe tagged belongings, anyone who finds your RuMeID tag can contact you simply by scanning the QR code to notify you, all without you revealing any personal details.


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